Weight Loss Errors to avoid

If you want to lose weight then it is about time you do things right. How do you know if you are on the right path? You are on the right path if you are losing weight reasonably. There are those who love going for shortcuts forgetting shortcuts usually turn out to be a long route. There are those who do not know that they are doing things wrong hence the need to be informed of their errors.

Dropping pounds boils down to a simple-sounding formula: burn more calories than you take in; eat less and move more. But anybody who has ever cut calories and ramped up an exercise plan in an effort to slim down knows it’s a lot harder than it sounds. All dieters inevitably make mistakes along the way—and most of the time they don’t even realize it. Here are the 10 flubs that everyone makes when they’re trying to shed fat.

OD’ing on protein
“Protein is important, but if you have too much, the excess gets stored as fat,” says Felicia Stoler, RD. “And high-protein shakes and bars tend to be sugary and fatty.” Women need about 46 grams a day, per the CDC.

Skimping on veggies
Many of us fall short of the recommended 2.5 cups daily, Stoler says. A no-brainer: Work some into every meal, whether it’s sliced tomato on your morning toast or spinach on your turkey sandwich.

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 When you only go for cardio and neglect strength training you are not doing your body and favor. Strength training is your best buddy and you better embrace it. You should also not go for light weights.

Think you need to do only cardio workouts—no strength training—to burn fat? That’s incorrect: If you spend time in the weight room, experts say you’ll amp up the baseline amount of calories you burn each day, which will help you lose weight faster.

Even if you’re spending time in the weight room, you may be hesitant to pick up the biggies. We hear you, but here’s the thing: Using heavier weights for fewer reps can burn more calories than using lighter weights for more reps, according to past research. Not sure which weights you should be using? Read up on how to know if your free weights are heavy enough.

People who join a weight-loss intervention group are more successful, according to a recent study. Even if you don’t want to join a big group, you can team up with friends or relatives and go at your weight-loss goals together.

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Just because you are hitting the gym does not give you the permission to consume everything and anything that is put before you. You need to keep a mental record of what you are consuming and if it is your cheat day please cheat peacefully because you are still on a fitness program.

Not counting all the calories.

Snack attacks happen. Just don’t try to deny them. “When I ask my clients for a daily meal log, I often get back a list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” says DailyBurn Fitness/Nutrition coach Chris Mosier. “These people are snacking, but they aren’t adding it toward their daily caloric intake total.” Most people don’t realize how much these bites can add up, he says. Not to mention the toll that beverages, like soda or booze, can take on your waistline.

Going crazy on your cheat day.

Splurging once a week can help satisfy cravings and, when done right, can even spike metabolism and help you burn calories more efficiently. “But the problem is that often, the cheat day becomes a massive food-eating contest,” says Joey Thurman, celebrity trainer and creator of The Lifestyle Renovation. Going overboard can set you back thousands of calories and make you feel sick and bloated for days to come.

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