What To Do With Baldness

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Being bald is a nightmare for many men. There are many remedies on the market that claim to prevent baldness. We look together with a hair specialist who does and does not work.

Bald men usually owe their baldness to heredity: if your parents and ancestors were (early) bald, then chances are that this will also happen to you. Yet it can also run differently. Hair specialist E. Plinck of Outpatient Clinic Hair and Nail Diseases : “Some men have parents with a head full of hair, and can just as well become bald.


According to specialist Plinck, hormones in your body have nothing to do with baldness: “That is a common misconception: a bald man and a man with her often have the same hormones in the body – it’s the testosterone in your hair. a different caliber than in your body. ” So if you are a bodybuilder with a good amount of testosterone in your body, this will have no effect on your baldness. “Unless,” says Plinck, “you also use large amounts of steroids to make the testosterone level excessively high, and the surplus will be absorbed into your hair, and you can be made worse.”

Other hair

According to Plinck, it is possible to see in advance whether you will become bald later or not. For example, the hair on top of your head is much more sensitive than the hair on the back of your head. According to Plinck you can sometimes see if you will become bald later. “If you look and feel very well, you notice the difference between the hair on top of your head and on the sides and back of your head.If the hair on top is finer, steeper and thinner than the rest of your hair, this may indicate baldness in the future, it can also be somewhat jumpy, and sometimes the hair color is a shade different. “

Hair loss

On average, you lose about a hundred hairs per day. You do not notice much of that, nor do you become bald. Plinck: “You can lose 40% of your hair before anyone starts to notice it, many men notice that their hair falls out, but their environment does not stand out, so those men think: am I crazy?”

Race determined

Hair loss in men is race determined. About 50% of native Dutch men lose their hair, which can vary from inlets to wreaths. This usually starts from the end of puberty, and stops around their fiftieth. If you are forty and have not lost hair, chances are that this still happens. Asian men lose very little hair, about 20-25% of men become bald. In black people, this percentage is 30-35%. “

Prevent baldness

The key question is, of course: can you do something to stop baldness? “Yes,” says Plinck, “on the internet you can find countless remedies to prevent hair loss, but actually there are only two medical devices that actually help: the Finasteride pills and the Minoxidil lotion, which are only available on prescription from the doctor. These drugs help about 80% of the men who become bald They ensure that the hair loss stops anyway, and with some men it is so good that it will come back to her again.When you stop taking the medication, you will see her again just go further, so it does not stop the process forever. “

In the Netherlands, according to Plinck, there is an attitude of do, but you do crazy enough. Many people find it weird if you go to a doctor for something like hair loss. While many men consider baldness as a really serious problem. And the doctor is the only one who can prescribe these drugs. If you have a doctor who does not want to work with this, you can, for example, visit another doctor.


On the internet hundreds of remedies are sold that would help against hair loss . But according to Plinck, these resources will not help much. Everything you can obtain freely, without a doctor’s prescription, can not contain strong substances. This also applies to the shampoos that promise a fuller hair: “What you do with the hair from the outside does not make much sense.” The intention is that you achieve effect from the inside out. starch solution to swell the hair so that it looks like your hair is fuller. “

Hair clipper

A radical solution to not look like an older man is to work with the trimmer on position one to treat your scalp. Plinck: “But some men do not have a head to be bald, so I understand that they would rather leave that trimmer.”


When you have tried everything: medicine, a bald head, a hair transplant offers a solution. Plinck: “A hair at the back of the head with root and all is taken out with a knife and implanted on the bare spots.This is always done with your own hair.These hairs are taken out one by one and again planted on the head, which can amount to a thousand hairs per treatment. “


Finally, there is also mesotherapy nowadays . The building materials in the hair are supplemented by shooting the building materials with a mesogun with a needle in the scalp. In this way inactive hair follicles can become active again.